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Warranty service:

Superman is a well-designed product, manufactured with high quality materials, household electrical appliances. Under normal use and maintenance, can play superior performance. During the warranty period, fault, Superman pits due to product quality problems caused by the permittee will provide free repair service outlets.

SID small appliances Warranty:
Superman small appliance warranty period:


1,the inner and outer edge razor, hair clippers moving and stationary knife, mosquito lamp tube, inside and outside edge female shaving, shaving Bimao moving and stationary knife, beauty trimmer moving and stationary knives, nail grinding grinding head, hair ball trimmer inside and outside edges annex is normal consumables not covered under warranty.

2,ask the customer to keep the purchase invoice and warranty certificate, together with a warranty certificate. 3, the above warranty applies since 26 September 2013 purchased the product.

product nameWarranty timeproduct nameWarranty time
ShaverTwo yearsFemale shavingTwo Years
Hair dryerTwo yearsStraight / curlersTwo Years
Lint Remover Lint RemoverTwo yearsBarber scissorsTwo Years
Mosquito (fly) lightTwo YearsShaving BimaoTwo Years
IronsTwo YearsTopway hair ball trimmer / bake shoesTwo Years
KettleTwo YearsTopway mosquito racketA year

Repair Service
Maintenance service:

Warranty, service stations identified by Superman, identified as a result of manufacturing or material under normal use and lead to failure, you will get free warranty service. But the warranty period, due to the improper use of the product failure, will not enjoy the free service, and the implementation of paid service charges. Such as: inadequate access to power supply, use of inappropriate accessories, failing instructions for use, damage due to transport and other accidents caused by non-approved repair station by Superman repair and modification, misuse or damage caused by negligence, accidents (such as the damage caused by natural disasters, abnormal voltage, etc.), the use of general outside the home (such as industrial, commercial) caused damage, no warranty voucher or invoice altered.

Customer Service
Customer service:



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